Welcome university community to the Spring period 2022



59 years of history

ITESO, Jesuit University of Guadalajara was founded on July 31, 1957

35 degree programs

9,652 undergraduates

33 graduate programs

908 graduate students

9 graduate programs listed on the National Registry of Quality Graduate Programs (PNPC) del CONACYT
$355,286,986 pesos allocated for scholarships and financial aid
Students receiving scholarship and/or financial aid

Spring 4,951
Summer 1,956
Fall 5,367

This is not an arithmetic total, as most of the students receive a financial package that includes scholarship support combined with a student loan.
50 Jesuits who belong to the university community

1,487 faculty
92 cultural activities
28 indigenous students
30 AUSJAL universities
94 Companies affiliated with Management of Innovation and Technology Center
27 hectares in the Primavera Forest
11,148 Devices with internet conection